Speaker Series at the Institute of Politics

Every year, the IARA Project partners with the Institute of Politics (IOP) to feature renowned speakers at their John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum — Harvard’s premier arena for political speech, discussion, and debate.

During the 2023-2024 academic year, our IOP Speaker Series will include three Forums featuring nationally recognized speakers working at the intersection of art, sports, entertainment, and racial justice.

Culture of Change: racial equity in art, entertainment, and sports

Art, entertainment, and sports shape American life. As cultural pillars, they reflect who we are, what we discuss, and which stories we remember. For better or worse, they form how we see each other — and how we see ourselves.

How do art, entertainment, and sports help advance racial justice? How can they be effective platforms for changing public opinion, and if not, what’s standing in the way?

IARA’s 2023-2024 IOP Speaker Series will explore themes including art as a form of protest, the value of entertainment in shaping political discourse, and the historical reckoning of cultural institutions with their legacies of injustice.

Latest event in the series

Watch the panel discussion from November 29 on the new film ‘Gaining Ground: The Fight for Black Land’, exploring Black land loss, its lasting effect on Black communities, and the efforts to reclaim their legacy.


Nov 29:

Forum and screening of ‘Gaining Ground: The Fight for Black Land’

Panelists included:

  • Eternal Polk, Director of Gaining Ground
  • P.J. Haynie, Farmer featured in film
  • Johane J. Domersant, Global HR Director at John Deere
  • Moderated by Andrew Kahrl, Professor of History and African American Studies at the University of Virginia

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