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IARA’s work provides pathways forward for research, innovation, policy, organizational change, and community-led organizing efforts by strengthening mechanisms for antiracism as a core institutional value.

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  • Antiracist Institutional Change in Healthcare

    Antiracist Institutional Change in Healthcare

    COVID-19 and the 2020 wave of racial justice demonstrations in the United States moved many healthcare organizations to enact antiracist change goals. Yet, many of these commitments lacked effective strategies and accountability mechanisms. IARA conducted a one-year study of existing antiracist interventions in healthcare organizations and a review of authoritative evidence for institutional accountability.

  • Research at Large

    Research at Large

    IARA’s portfolio of research focuses on sector-specific interests and critical evaluation of antiracist structures and policies within private, nonprofit, public/government, and academic institutions at large. By documenting and understanding the field of “diversity” and antiracist training groups, as well as organizations that have sought to engage in antiracist change and the standards by which they have been held accountable, IARA seeks to develop critical measures for establishing antiracist institutional accountability.

  • Bias Ed

    Bias Ed

    The Bias Ed project, currently under development, seeks to inspire parents, teachers, and school leaders to disrupt racism, sexism, xenophobia, and other pernicious and harmful biases in early childhood education and curriculums. IARA’s research will elucidate the most effective, safe, and productive approaches to inoculate children against longstanding and enduring social viruses in the classroom, similar to sex ed peer programs that empower youth and K-12 efforts to encourage civic engagement. Please check back here for more information as we build project.

  • Antiracist Interventions in Healthcare

    Antiracist Interventions in Healthcare

    There is a large body of research on how systemic racism drives the social determinants of health in communities of color but much less on how to solve this problem. Supported by a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, IARA is studying successful interventions that improve health outcomes and foster an antiracist healthcare system.

  • Global Processes of Justice,
Truth–Telling and Healing

    Global Processes of Justice, Truth–Telling and Healing

    IARA is currently engaged in a three-year project, supported by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, to survey international examples of truth-telling and harm repair, including truth commissions and tribunals. The goal is to better understand what accountability looks like for these endeavors and what lessons we can learn going forward.

  • Private Sector

    Private Sector

    With its emerging work in the private sector, IARA envisions the establishment of national accountability standards for corporate racial equity efforts. This project seeks to support landscape actors in developing and using standards to measure the impact of these efforts against their stated goals, in response to perspectives of people of color impacted on the ground, and by using public disclosure of data on outcomes as means for public accountability reporting.

  • Untying Knots

    Untying Knots

    The Untying Knots podcast explores how people and organizations are untying knots of systemic oppression and working towards a more equitable future. Each episode features special guests and a focus on thematic areas across society.