In the style of a fireside chat, this conversation explored how art, systemic racism and the commodification of Black struggle became intertwined with American culture. 

The Boston COVID Recovery Cohort (BCRC) Forum brought together community organizations, universities, and hospitals to explore best practices for an antiracist response to Long Covid in Massachusetts.

Journalists want to understand the history of diversity initiatives, common myths about DEI today and the latest research showing what works — and doesn’t work — for creating equal opportunity and better outcomes among students, faculty and staff, and college campuses as a whole.  

In the United States, sports and patriotism go hand in hand. Today, the sports industry is a contested stage for American patriotism and dissent. How are players and journalists using this stage to advance racial equity in the U.S. today?

Analysis, metrics, and reporting are fundamental tools for organizations to build — and to sustain — antiracist change. In this panel, we will examine how these tools are advancing within the private sector today and explore the impact of government insight on transparency and accountability. Panelists will bring their distinct perspectives into one conversation, working through practical examples from their fields of experience: impact investment building economic opportunity and wealth for communities of color; institutional collaboration on the collective creation of metrics and operational guidelines for impact-related investments globally; and governmental regulations and corporate governance evolving towards more disclosure for racial equity.