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Bias Ed

The Bias Ed project, currently under development, seeks to inspire parents, teachers, and school leaders to disrupt racism, sexism, xenophobia, and other pernicious and harmful biases in early childhood education and curriculums. IARA’s research will elucidate the most effective, safe, and productive approaches to inoculate children against longstanding and enduring social viruses in the classroom, similar to sex ed peer programs that empower youth and K-12 efforts to encourage civic engagement. Please check back here for more information as we build project.

Untying Knots

The Untying Knots podcast explores how people and organizations are untying knots of systemic oppression and working toward a more equitable future. Each episode features special guests and a focus on thematic areas across society. Untying Knots is hosted by Erica Licht, Research Project Director at the IARA Project, and Nikhil Raghuveera, Nonresident Fellow at the Atlantic Council GeoTech Center.

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Nikhil Raghuveera

Co-Host, Untying Knots Podcast, IARA

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Untying Knots Throughout the Years: 

Untying Knots is going on its fourth year! The first episode aired on October 21, 2019, following the 2019 Truth and Transformation conference. The Institutional Antiracism and Accountability (IARA) Project’s Erica Licht sat down with core trainers Addys Castillo and Justin Freitas from the People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond for a closer look at their work. The conversation includes an overview of their approach to antiracist change grounded in community organizing, as well as personal commitments to creating a shared analysis of structural and systemic racism in their communities.