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Antiracist Interventions in Healthcare

There is a large body of research on how systemic racism drives the social determinants of health in communities of color but much less on how to solve this problem. Supported by a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, IARA is studying successful interventions that improve health outcomes and foster an antiracist healthcare system.

The existing field of research on systemic racism is populated predominantly with data on how racism structurally dominates organizations and impacts the social determinants of health. There remains a shortage of research on successful interventions and policy changes that directly address these inequities. Accountability frameworks and benchmarks allow for evaluating effectiveness, provide organizations with a road map to success, and allow stakeholders to hold themselves to these standards. These frameworks outline and identify what success looks like when it comes to race equity. With funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), IARA is assessing, analyzing, and documenting effective measures of healthcare organizations engaging in internally focused antiracist change. 

These frameworks and case studies will act as a road map and guide for organizations to determine the best next steps in their own institutional antiracist work. 

Supported by:

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

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